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Internet Column from Science Fiction Age,
January 1997

Cory Doctorow

Elements of Style
EB White and William Strunk's classic slim volume of rules for clear written communication. Thsi is obligatory reading for anyone hoping to put fingers to keyboard and produce something lucid. Many other classic works are available at http://www.columbia.edu/acis/bartleby/.
The Islets of Langerhans
A site devoted to legendary curmudgeon/writer/force-of-nature, Harlan Ellison. A completist's dream, the site contains extensive bibliographic and biographical notes on Ellison. Given Ellison's frequent online-culture-bashing, this is an interesting project -- one wonders how the subject feels about it.
The Rebel Fleet at Hihm
From Norway, land of copyright infringement, comes this Star Wars dream-site. Featuring movie clips, sound files, text files, fanfiction, zines, extensive link-lists, and for you serious 3D computer people, 3D meshes of different craft from the Star Wars universe to render and animate at home.
Stark and simple layout and clean, literate copy make this site a great resource for information on the other kind of Pulp Fiction -- Doc Savage, the Shadow, and company.
Storm King Enterprises
Online fantasy weapon store. Apparently, it's cool to send really BIG knives in the mail. Who'd a thunk it?
Hong Kong Cinema
An incredibly dense site, aimed at Hong Kong cinema industry-watchers, attempting to become the Variety of Flying-Fist-of-Fury set. The searchable databse of Hong Kong films is awesome in its depth and variety.
Readers' Robot
The latest in a series of experiments in what is called a "preferences engine." The idea is, you tell a computer programme what you like -- in this case, what books you like -- and it compares your list to all other respondents' and delivers a list of recommendations. These engines are the future of the Internet, the only way that human beings will be able to make sense of a datasphere that doubles in size and complexity every couple weeks.
FASA, the game company that brought you the cross-strata marketing strategies for Battletech, Shadowrun, and others, have made their presence felt online. Currently, they're featuring excerpts from forthcoming game tie-in novels.
The ESG Biology Hypertextbook
Already forgotten your Freshman bio? Can't figure out what's going on in the latest David Brin novel? MIT's Biology department has the answer. Why pay big bucks to attend an Ivy League college, when you can get it all on the Web?
The Fannish Email Directory
Fan John Lorentz has undertaken the herculean task of creating a White Pages for every fan who wants to get listed. Want to get in touch with tht guy who spilled a beer on your cocktail dress at the Nebulas? His email address is probably here.
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