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Internet Column from Science Fiction Age,
July 1997

Cory Doctorow

Nightmare Factory Gift & Costume Shop
Oh, *man*, I wish someone had opened a shop like this in my neighborhood when I was a kid. They sell *corpses* -- plastic corpses! -- and floating heads in bubbling jars, and Realistic Disembodied Arms, and all manner of wondrous stuff.
The halloween-l archives
On that note, don't miss the archives for halloween-l, the Hallowe'en fanatics' mailing list. Discussed herein are the prime spots to buy servo motors for your Hallowe'en dioramas, how to homebrew realistic skeletons, fog systems, tombstones, and so forth.
The Why Files
The Why Files is the National Science Foundation's "Science Behind the News Site." Everything from tornadoes to forensics, covered in accessible, layman's language.
What a concept -- a low-graphics, high-content site that's actually produced by a *content-creator*! Geoff Ryman, award winning author of *Was* and *The Child Garden,* has built an engrossing hypertext novel that *works*. It's heavy stuff, reading a novel with no beginning and no end, but *so* worth it. There's even a sequel in the works -- that you can contribute to.
Lands of the Universe
This was a lot funnier before the Heaven's Gate tragedy, but you gotta move on, right? Lands of the Universe is an -- ahem -- real estate brokerage that sells, uh, real estate on *other planets*. I mean, you can own a big hunk of Mars, and get a handsome burled walnut plaque testifying to the fact. Arizona residents add 7.05% sales tax (!) (?).
Caption This!
From the Sci-Fi Channel comes this interactive delight for Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans. Pit your rapier wit against the world of the Internet, by adding your own MST3K-style captions to random images that cycle every hour or so.
Virtual Sample Copy
The ultimate writer's resource -- complete writer's guidelines for every genre magazine in the business.
Michael Whelan -- Glass Onion Graphics
This lush site showcases the art of Michael Whelan, and Glass Onion Graphics, his publisher. Included is an index of paintings, dozens of high-quality scans, a biography, information on upcoming exhibitions, and an area where you can email the artist and get an answer.
Sci-Fi First Lines
Part of a larger collection, this site is part guessing-game, part literary study. A list of first sentences from various novels are presented, and the idea is to guess what book they come from.
Disney's latest animated feature is, of course, accompanied by Disney's latest Web site. Visit here for production notes, mall-tour dates, and downloadable video-clips.
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