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Eastern Standard Tribe, forthcoming from Tor Books, January 2004
My second novel!

Flowers from Alice (with Charles Stross), forthcoming in New Faces in Science Fiction (Mike Resnick, ed.)
Love in the time of Posthumanism

Pathological Instrumentation Disorder, forthcoming in The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases (Jeff Vandermeer and Mark Roberts, eds.)
A fake illness for our times

Unwirer (with Charles Stross), forthcoming in ReVisions (Julie Czerneda and Isaac Szpindel, eds.)
An exercise in online auctioral exhibitionism

A Place So Foreign and Eight More, Four Walls Eight Windows, forthcoming September 2003
My short-story collection!

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Nimby and the Dimension Hoppers, Asimov's, June 2003
Biotech versus Technocracy

Printed Meat and Nattering Packages, Business 2.0, May 2003
A zizzing pantopticon

Road Calls Me Dear, The Mammoth Book of Road Stories, January 2003
Tom Waits Abducted By Aliens

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, Tor Books, January 2003
My first novel!

Truncat, Bakkanthology, December 2002
Forthcoming in Salon, August 2003
A sort-of-sequel to Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

Jury Service, (with Charlie Stross) scifi.com, December 2002
Doing time in the post-Singularity patent office

0wnz0red, Salon, August 2002
Nerdc0re extremism

Starlight logo
Power Punctuation, Starlight 3, edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Tor Books
The future is shredding.

Black Gate logo
Beat Me Daddy (Eight to the Bar), Black Gate, Issue 3, Winter 2001
Read it online for free at Fortean Bureau
Playing on after the apocalypse

On Spec Logo
The Super-Man and the Bugout, On Spec, Fall, 2001
What if Clark Kent had been Hershie Abromowicz (and Smallville suburban Toronto?)?

Frequency Logo
Abatt01r, Frequency Magazine, Volume 2
Cyberpunk vampires

On Spec Logo
The Fundamental Unit of Memory, On Spec, Fall, 2000
The first rule of Recollecton Junkies: They Surprise You

Asimov's Logo
I Love Paree, Asimov's, December 2000
(with Michael Skeet)
Full Metal Baugette

Interzone logo
The Rebranding of Billy Bailey, Interzone, August 2000
Brand-management in the age of Pepsi Elementary

Realms of Fantasy Logo
Return to Pleasure Island, Realms of Fantasy, August 1999
On Being a Jackass

Asimov's Logo
At Lightspeed, Slowing, Asimov's, April 2000
Families: They Fuck You Up

Amazing Stories Logo
Shadow of the Mothaship, Amazing Stories, 599, Winter 2000
Scientology Alien Invaders with Oedipus Complexes

SF Age Logo
A Place So Foreign, Science Fiction Age, January 2000
Ambassador to 1975

Tesseracts Logo
Home Again, Home Again, Tesseracts 8, Tesseract Books, 1999
Bugouts and bat-houses

Asimov's Logo
Visit the Sins, Asimov's, June, 1999
Year's Best Science Fiction 5 HarperPrism, 2000 (Hartwell, ed)
Adult survivors of huh?

Tesseracts Logo
Song of Solomon, Tesseracts 7, Tesseract Books, 1999
Actors on the Stage of the LORD

Odyssey Logo
Overture, Curtain Lights, Odyssey 6, Fall 1998
Unkiddable Man Meets Immovable Object

Asimov's Logo
Fall From Grace, Asimov's, October/November 1998
Programmers in Paradise

SF Age Logo
Craphound, Science-Fiction Age, March 1998,
Year's Best Science Fiction XVI, Griffin, 1999
Northern Suns, Tor, 1999 Alien Thrift Action

On Spec Logo
Jaime Spanglish in the Nile, On Spec, Winter 1998
It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Licks the Sarcophagus

On Spec Logo
Résumé, On Spec, Spring 1994
Gullible Golden Age Fanboys

Air Fish logo
Cars Swing, Air Fish, Cat's Eye Press, 1993
Love Amongst the Fanbelts

Pulphouse Logo
Hell: A Cautionary Tale, Pulphouse 12/13, October 1992
Disco Inferno

Asimov's Logo
The Adventures of Ma N Pa Frigidaire, Honorable Mention, The Asimov Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Short Science Fiction, 1992
The Birth of Crackerpunk

On Spec Logo
2,000 Year Checkup, On Spec, Winter 1990
Popcult Overload

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Click here for info on my first short story collection, A Place So Foriegn and Eight More

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