April 15, 2003

What's This?

This is a site where Charlie Stross and Cory Doctorow are publicly collaborating on a short story for ReVisions, an alternate science fiction history anthology from DAW books, edited by Isaac Szpindel and Julie Czerneda. We've collaborated on two stories before, Jury Service and Flowers From Alice (forthcoming in New Faces in Science Fiction, edited by Mike Resnick). We've sort of worked out a rhythm. One of us writes an opening scene. The other rewrites it and tacks on 400-1000 words and hands it back. Then the first guy rewrites it all and continues on.

We're translating this process onto the blog. The way it works here is, we're going to toss chunks back and forth at each other, using the blog. The new text will be posted to the front page of the blog, and the whole, rewritten story will be under the "Read More" link on each post.

Comments are switched on for story and administrivia posts. You're free to give us feedback as we write. We might even read it. We might even respond to it. Hell, it's alternate history, any goddamned thing is possible. Posted by Cory Doctorow at April 15, 2003 10:51 PM