Looking for the very funny "Yours is a Very Bad Hotel" PowerPoint? Sorry, but I've taken it down at the authors' request. The presentation in question was a deliciously snide and witty enumeration of the many ways in which the DoubleTree Houston screwed over a couple of weary business travellers who showed up at their hotel and found their rooms given away.

The author of the presentation asked me to remove it, after getting a snotty note from Joseph Crosby (General Manager, DoubleTree Club Hotel Houston).

I got my own snotty note from Mr Crosby:

Dear Webhost,

Please provide written authorization, either electronic or hard copy, for use of the Powerpoint Presentation titled "Yours is a very bad Hotel".

Thank you,

Joseph Crosby
General Manager
DoubleTree Club Hotel Houston

Mr Crosby isn't the copyright holder, and isn't in any position to demand anything from me. Further, as a Hilton HHonors cardmember myself, I can't say that I'm thrilled and delighted with this kind of heavy-handed treatment from one of the chain's employees, but there you go. If this was the only note I'd gotten, I would have left the material online; but since the author emailed me and asked me to take it down, I've done it. After all, it's his PPT.

Still looking for the presentation? There's a good chance that an archive has survived at archive.org or in Google's cache. Happy hunting.



This takes the prize for the most clueless message ever. Ever.

On 1/8/02 10:45 AM, ""IAHFK_GM"@hilton.com" <"IAHFK_GM"@hilton.com> wrote:

> Cory Doctorow,
> Thank you for removing the powerpoint presentation from your website.  Now I
> must ask that you remove my name and the name of the hotel from your website
> as you do not have permission to use either.
> Thank you,
> Joseph Crosby


Please don't write me: