PalmOS - MobiPocket file for use with PalmOS devices. 356K PRC file (Thanks to David F. Merrick for preparing this file!)

4 Responses to “Mobipocket”

  1. This file seems to be corrupted as it crashed my Palm upon installation and is only 8k in length while the other ebook files here are about 350K. Download the Palm Doc file instead.

  2. MobiPocket is my reader of choice on my PocketPC too, not just Palm. Its much more resource-friendly and capable than Microsofts Reader.


  3. Fire says:

    Yes, this file is corrupted (only 8k big).

  4. Karl G. Siewert says:

    I was able to make the file work by forcing it to save with a .mobi extension. It opens fine in Mobipocket on my BlackBerry. YMMV.

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