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Here’s the MP3 of me reading installment five of After the Siege — back in London, with a slight sniffle. Argh. Got lots of the story written on the plane last night, though.

Update: This recording cuts off mid-sentence! Whups! I’ll pick it up where I left off the next time I record. I believe that the reason the hiss cuts out midway on this recording is that’s where my laptop’s fan switched itself off. If I can figure out how to keep it from switching itself on in future, I’ll do so.

8 Responses to “After the Siege, Part 05”

  1. Fredrik Mozel

    The fifth instalment gets cut off at the end, which is probably unintentional, so I thought I’d let you know.

  2. Alex Holden

    You did something part way through which completely eliminated the loud background hiss that has been on all the earlier instalments. Whatever it was, please do it again in the future :)

  3. Trent

    Part 5 is cut off at the end mid word. Also I have to agree with Alex. If you don’t know what got rid of the hissing sound make sure and figure out what it was. Sounds so much better without it.

    BTW, Love the story so far. It kills me to have to wait for more. Please keep them coming!

  4. Cory Doctorow

    Thanks, guys — sorry about the weirdness. I’ll pick it up from the break-off point when I do my next recording. I’m not sure what fixed the hiss, but at a guess, that was when the fan on my laptop switched off (obviously this isn’t something I have any control over!)

  5. Stu Edgar

    Love the story so far – can’t wait for the optimistic bit :-)
    If fan is causing hiss probably RF (doesn’t sound like fan noise) so one solution might be a better RF shielded microphone/cable?

  6. hop

    You got a PowerBook, right?

    The more prominent reasons for a hot PB (and thus the fan kicking in) are: charging the battery, using it on a soft surface (like a couch, a bed or a thick table cloth) and some process that uses much CPU.

    For example on my PB Mozilla’s CPU usage tends to go way up after a time and I have to restart it. You may not notice anything getting slower, but you can see how much CPU your sytem uses with the command ‘top -o cpu’ in a Terminal.

    Love the story, btw!

  7. Walter

    This file (episode 5) is corrupt. It’s doesn’t play via the Windows Midia Player. The episodes play though, and it’s a good story!!!

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