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Just now, a few minutes before 10AM Pacific, the Humble Ebook Bundle crossed the $1 MILLION mark. Yes, it’s an arbitrary round number, but it’s a BIGGUN! For those of you who haven’t clocked it, the Humble Ebook Bundle is a collection of 13 ebooks — science fiction, fantasy, and graphic novels — for which you can name your price, and designate some or all of your money to charity in the process. I’m over the danged MOON. You’ve got just about three days to get in on the deal before it vanishes!

9 Responses to “Humble Ebook Bundle breaks the $1,000,000 barrier”

  1. Simone

    I got this book through the humble bundle. I have to admit I didn’t know your work. I am so hooked up I am going to get all your other books :) Long live free writers, long live great writers. And thanks to the HB.

  2. Simone

    Well, thank you, sir. By the way, I have read you will be in “my” San Francisco next week to promote Homeland. Count me in for an autographed copy ;)
    Kind regards!

  3. Simone

    Just giving you a heads up… I’m in line waiting for the book to be signed at Borderlands. What an awesome time!

  4. Simone

    You too! By the way, not to hijack your time (which I am sure you have very little in tour) with unimportant stuff, but both your work (which I discovered only so recently) and your talk/lecture reminded very much of a song from a music group I like, which shares your passion about electronic (not only) freedom. The name of the song is “We are the new ones”, by Dope Stars Inc.
    (Sorry about the long comment!)

  5. Simone

    Oh, the song, like all they have made, is free to download, share, modify and redistribute, of course ;)

  6. Simone

    Oh, one more thing: Of course, I am not part of the band, I just like them :D

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