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Hey, Deerfield, IL! I’ll be at the Deerfield High School Auditorium tonight at 7PM for the latest stop in my Pirate Cinema tour. I’ve got two other stops in the Chicago area: tomorrow, it’s Anderson’s Books in Naperville; on Thursday it’s the Evanston Public Library. From there, I go to NYC for Comic-Con and an appearance at WORD in Brooklyn (check out our mashup video contest!), and then to Philiadelphia and many other cities in the US and Canada. Here’s the whole schedule. Be there or be oblong!

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  1. psywiped

    Well after trying to render the video 5 times it finally worked then had to wait to get home to fast internet to upload it, finally had to remember that it finished uploading and post it here so better late than never i give you in HD your talk at Deerfield IL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvhlimicyok&hd=1

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