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Midnight.Haulkerton, the band that recorded a song based on my collection Overclocked, have just released the song elements themselves under a CC license for your remixing pleasure. Joel Falconer from Midnight.Haulkerton sez,

Today, we released the remix pack for the Overclocked song. Now listeners can remix, re-sing or do whatever they want with it. All the individual tracks that make up the song have had all their effects stripped and are now stuffed in a zip.


2 Responses to “Remixable tracks for song based on Overclocked”

  1. Steve S

    Interesting. Yea, I heard the song and it would probably make some pretty cool mixes. I wonder if someone could put together a music video or something. That would be pretty neat.

  2. Joel Falconer

    A music video would be pretty cool. Especially if it was matched with one of the remixes–really embrace the Creative Commons remix culture. If you know anyone, let them know. I don’t have any contacts in that area at this point.

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