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My first novel was published in January 2003. It concerns the machinations of technologically immportals who have occupied Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion and who aim to preserve it from the depredations of modernizers who would renovate it.

The book won the 2003 Locus Award for Best First Novel and is a finalist for the 2004 Nebula for Best Novel.

The whole text of the novel is available as a free download in a multitude of formats, as well as a physical object at bookstores everywhere.

Slovakian fan-translation by Pavol Hvizdos.

8 Responses to “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom”

  1. Steve Bohlson

    I thought this book was great. It’s nice to read some scifi that doesn’t try to explain all the tech to you and just assumes you have a basic understanding. While reading it I was reminded of early Neal Stephenson and then I came across the reference to Snow Crash. Brillant.

  2. Jason Paul McCartan

    Just finished reading this last night. Great book, and very cleverly put together. The social networks and peer-based status that riddle the future society in the book can easily be seen in today’s world which makes the book all the more realistic.

    Great job!

  3. Kelly

    Excellent book! I wasn’t sure how it would be since it is free (how cynical am I? ) but it was fantastic! Entertaining, fresh, unique. Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  4. Justin Krueger

    It’s odd I never noticed the comment links on craphound, but even more odd it seems nearly nobody else has either.

    Down was a good book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it (for free, on my hacked PSP no less). I’m going to hunt around at local book stores in hopes of finding a hard copy, because I’m a devout open source user and understand how important it is to support those who support the exchange of free ideas. If all else fails, I’ll amazon it.

  5. adem

    i read someone comes to town someone leaves town for my psp fine but when i downloaded this, it was corrupt? it only came with 2 pics and i dunno how it happened.

  6. Ben Benson

    just finished the book last nite, it was very “Bitchun”! hehe.

  7. FTLNewsFeed

    I just got done finished reading the book and while I don’t agree that a whuffie type system would be the way to go, I did enjoy the death-free, want-free society you built.

    As an aside, I think it would be interesting if you could write a short story or addendum that caught up with Jules 15 billion years or so in the future when he’s existing as pure energy and he wakes up Dan to experience the heat death of the universe with him.

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