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As I mentioned yesterday, the sequel to Little Brother is coming out in February. Called Homeland, it picks up the action shortly after Little Brother ends, and features the continuing and exciting adventures of the characters from the first book. Tor, my publisher, have posted the first cut at the 20-city US tour schedule (the Canadian dates are still TBD, as is a likely stop in Lawrence, KS). I’ll be on the road for most of February, and I’m visiting a lot of cities in the south and southwest where I’ve never appeared, so I’m looking forward to seeing some new faces!

Here’s a short list of the cities I’ll be visiting: Seattle, Portland OR (Beaverton), San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Tempe, Albuquerque, New York, Cincinnati (Crestview Hills KY), Miami (Coral Gables), Chapel Hill, Decatur, Oxford MS, Memphis, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Nashua NH, Portsmouth NH, Concord NH, Washington DC, and Cambridge MA. Like I say, those are the confirmed stops, but there are more to come, and Tor will be keeping the master list at the link below.

Mark your calendars and spread the word!

Homeland Tour

4 Responses to “Announcing the 20-city US tour for HOMELAND, the sequel to Little Brother”

  1. Lis marrow

    please please please, can you find your way to visit new Zealand at any stage?! I am a school librarian who literally ‘deals’ your books to my bigger thinkers…..it is nearly impossible to actively purchase your books in print in this country and I believe that they they are IMPORTANT! If you ever find our way in the southern end of the e world please let me know! Anticiapating your next book…Lis

  2. Cory Doctorow

    Thank you, Lis! Nat Torkington and the copyfighthers in NZ try and bring me over every year, but we’ve yet to find a way to make it all line up. Some day, though! It’s tough balancing out the need to find time to write, the time to stay with my family and to help raise our daughter, and the time to go out and meet writers.

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