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I’ve just confirmed that I’ll be the Guest of Honor at the 67th Westercon, in Salt Lake City, Utah, July 3-6, 2014. The hotel is the Marriott Downtown at City Creek, and memberships are currently $50 for attending, $25 for supporting. The website linked in the previous sentence is just a placeholder, though the real site should be up shortly.

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  1. Dave Scot

    Cory — Dave D told me before site selection that he had asked you and the Writing Excuses to be part of the first Westercon in Utah. Are you still in California? Most of the Writing Excuses are in Utah. As you know they were Hugo nominees in Chicon 7. May I have copy of your Golden Duck aka Hal Clement award for excelence in Children’s Science Fiction acceptance speech. Well deserved and delivered. One Chicon panel talked about Hunger Games and Little Brother tieing for the award. Little Brother for males; Hunger Games for females. Keep in touch, David-Glenn Anderson aka Dave Scot and Dave A Reading4Future @ gmail.com

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