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I’ve just put up the site for my latest book, a slim chapbook in PM Press’s Outspoken Authors series called The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow. The book contains a novella (“There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow/Now is the Best Time of Your Life”), an essay on futurism, the transcript of a lecture on copyright and creativity, and a wide-ranging interview with Terry Bisson. As with all my books, it’s available as a CC-licensed download in a number of formats, and I’m looking for libraries and schools who’d like free hardcopies bought for them from downloaders who want to pay me back for the ebooks. I really like how this little book came out, and it’s as good an introduction to my work and beliefs as you’re likely to find.

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  1. Roger

    Just read this after spending a week camping in Zion Utah with my wife. After two days in Vegas we drove home to phoenix and I read most of it on that drive. Very well written stuff! I enjoyed the stuck in pre pubescence stage that the narrator was in for twenty years. Reminded me of being 12 again, ugh. Keep writing and thanks for the inspiration! If you stop by Phoenix ever let me get you a beer.

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