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The good folks at IntelligenceSquared have already managed to post the audio from last night’s event at London’s Cadogan Hall, wherein I interviewed William Gibson for an hour on stage, and then we took smart questions from the audience for another 30 minutes. It was great fun. There’s also a Flickr set of great photos by Michael Eleftheriades.

William Gibson on ‘Zero History’

MP3 Link

2 Responses to “Audio from last night’s live event with William Gibson and me”

  1. Renonymous

    Dear Mr Doctorow,

    Rampant fanbyism aside I must say I find you to be one of the most profound thinkers on the planet.

    Of course aside from William Gibson. Wow

    I am excited to watch this as I anticipate the enlightenment and visceral cortisol rush as you blow my mind as crystalise the noosphere in my head.

    I pause before the vertical drop of the paradigm shift, you are in lotus flying on my monitor there is no chair Bill looks out sincere coiled with the energy pre-release.

    Thank you men for the joy of transformation, my belief in the future you guys live, are, is absolute, just a distribution issue – zero decrement, it is never just dystopic, just the keen edged utopia of the next gen human futurity once jacked deck the ono sendia and eye are one. Right on.

    You guys are are on the cover of the nouvelle vague, todays vogue, etonne nous, cyberspace beckons.

    As I light my torch from yous burning, I make the Sterling gesture of the cat, maneki neko.

    Just paused to thank you, ready now for meme download, handshake establish. FSM. FSF. EFF. Barlow, Stallman, Milgrim, Chrome.

    thx for the mp3 =^.^=

  2. Jamie Clancy

    Wow. Thanks Super C for swooping in with your super powers and posting the complete mp3 file for download free. You are amazing and I can only hope that I will be like you when I grow up.

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