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Last week while I was stranded by the volcano, I did an interview with the TVOntario Search Engine podcast about the iPad and why I thought that its policy and infrastructure should make it a no-go zone for publishers, users and authors.

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4 Responses to “Why I won’t buy an iPad, the podcast edition”

  1. Von R Buzard

    I’ve got the Motorola Droid phone and now am waiting for an Android tablet

    Steve Jobs IS Big Brother! Love it

  2. Xaeromancer

    I forget where I heard it, but someone else described the iPad as “the Incredible Hulk’s iPhone.” As if, the Hulk’s got one them Android dohickies. Iron Man got a job lot, so all the Avengers have them.

    Seriously, though; the idea iTunes / AppStore achieving any sort of dominance is pretty frightening. You wouldn’t let a bookshop have an opinion how you organised your books at home, yet thousands (millions?) of people allow exactly this with iTunes. Steam from Valve is almost as bad, with its constant updates and loading screens.

    In conclusion, I think we are compromising too much already on how our media is delivered. Hence, (one reason) why people download illegally, they can then get it in a format they want, on the platform they want.

  3. mark wilson

    Thanks for taking a stand on the core of the Apple dilemma. I am sure however that the Google/Android dilemma is not far behind and it will be far worse. The internet is practically dependant on Google, at least as much as television is dependant on reality shows. Six months ago everyone laughed at Murdoch for beleiving that you could charge for news; six months from now many news outlets will be showing huge gains from selling content. And why not with things like paypal and openid, a penny here 3 cents there is not going to bother us, just like we’ve gotten over counting the pennies/megabytes/seconds on our cell service. The point: one day google will turn and the internet will suffer immensly. Google is just as responsable to it’s shareholders as is Apple or BP. They _must_ increase revenue every year.
    The point (partII): Android is only free in the sense that it is based on Linux, but it doesn’t really do anything useful without the non-open google stuff. Try to remove google code, or block connections to google on an android phone and you will have a very sexy paper weight.
    The point (part III): I’d like to see more people talking about Symbian which is really free (as in opensource) just like Linux. I know you like Ubuntu, i have an Ubuntu box, an Xubuntu box, and an old pentium running Debian. Symbian is the _real_ alternative in the cellphone industry.

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