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Last weekend, I was one of the guests of honor at 3PiCon in Springfield, MA, along with Randall “XKCD” Munroe, who once infamously depicted me as blogging from a hot-air balloon in cape and goggles. This has become a motif for me, so that wherever I go, people give me capes and/or goggles. I brought along a set and wore them to our final panel together on Sunday, and Dan Noe, the Pi-Con photographer, got some nice shots of the event.


(Thanks, Dan!)

10 Responses to “Cape, goggles and XKCD”

  1. Jeff Mach

    I had quite seriously pondered wearing a cape and goggles when I interviewed you. Had I known you better beforehand, I think I would’ve gone for it.

    (Speaking of which, I’ve become fairly fascinated by the idea of PMOG now; thanks for pointing me in that direction.)

  2. TerrorBite

    I was just reading that very same comic. After reading it, I had to ask myself, “So just who is this Cory Doctorow guy, anyway?” One quick Google brought me here, where the first thing – the VERY first thing to hit my eyes, is a photo of Cory Doctorow wearing a red cape and goggles.

    I think my brain exploded at that point.

  3. Chris Badynee

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! you were the first one to post my cardboard box upright bass in a blog back in 2006 which in fact set the whole thing revolving around my cardboard box upright bass. i’ve sold over 600 to 30 countries. Bass Player Magazine wrote a rave review of it in the Jan 2008 issue, and recently my box bass was awarded BEST IN SHOW at the 2008 Summer NAMM, so now i have a bunch ‘o cool retailers selling my Bogdon Box Bass! THANKYOu THANKYOU THANKYOU CORY THANKYOU

  4. Brad

    Not only did I love the XKCD comic, but I had to laugh when I saw the picture for the article. Thanks to the black lines behind you from the molding or wall panels, you look for all the world like you’ve got bug eyes and antennas. Which made me instantly think of ‘Arther’ the Tick’s moth-suit wearing side kick from the ‘Tick’ Comic and animated series. Thanks for the smile.

  5. Egoistorms

    maybe there’s a story behind those huge bug-goggles but I’m waiting to see you unveil some custom brass Haruo Suekichi’s.

  6. ymr049c

    I think you would look better in goggles with a more steampunky style.

    Did I just invent a new word? Next stop, Google!

  7. Flüge

    ^^The black googles are definitely the greatest I’ve ever seen in my life!! OUTSTANDING, where do you got them from?? I am gonna search for them right now! :D

  8. Cory Doctorow

    They’re ex-Soviet MiG fighter goggs — bought ‘em at a stall in Camden Market in London.

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