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Here’s a reading from my forthcoming young adult novel, “Little Brother,” about San Francisco hacker kids who fight back against the Department of Homeland Security. Tor will publish it in May, 2008.

I really went to town on the samples and mixing in this one, hauling out Audacity, the free/open sound-editing program, and grabbing a boatload of samples from the Freesound project, and a little punk guitar from the Anchormen, a great Boston act.

This reading is licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0.

MP3 link

Here are the credits for the samples:
Guitar samples:Moonface and Mass Ave Attack by the Anchormen(Used by permission)
Burrito joint:Loud Family Restaurant by cognito perceptu
Crowd sounds:20070402.crowd.flac by dobroide
Laughter:laughter.wav by sagetyrtle
Laughter:laugh loud.wav by ERH
Siren:sirenaMP3.mp3 by zippi1
Helicopter:20070210.helicopter.01.wav by dobroide
Screaming:M207b12_More_screaming.wav by Experimental Illness
Traffic:traffic stereo.wav by cognito perceptu
Bassline:BL_SL004_100.mp3 by bassmatiker

14 Responses to “Reading from Little Brother, my May, 2008 young adult novel”

  1. johnfoster


    The fact that this is on my computer and I’m too busy to listen to it right at this moment feels like that time when you’ve just ordered dessert, it’s taking forever and the show doors close in 15 minutes.

  2. Andre

    Hah. I liked it, but this is a young adult novel? Some of this seems a bit -erm- descriptive. Bah, maybe I’m just a prudish old 22 year old.

    But I particularly loved the description of the xbox and linux powered darknet, and how openly you deal with terrorism and how it changes America.

  3. FrF

    When I was reading “Someone comes to town…” (which I loved), I thought that “Link was getting more ass than a toilet-seat” was the worst sentence I’ve ever read from Cory. Now, this excerpt from “Little Brother” has a passage to rival it, though I guess young readers will get lots of giggling out of it.(Add smiley)

    Come to think of it, I’d want to read less vernacular from Cory and more of a kind of “refined” prose. I don’t know whether I’m just making this up or whether it would hold up to closer scrutiny but it’s my impression that “Down And Out” had a different prose style than Cory’s other two novels and that it was hinting in the direction I prefer.

  4. David Khoo

    whuffie . com Don’t go there, it’s a spamvertised address – but do a search on google for whuffie [dot] com – opinity . com is a scamvertised website.

  5. Stefan Hayden

    Great reading. So glad to have such a strong intelligent voice come to the Young Adult Novel arena. Don’t make it your last!

  6. J.D. Harper

    So, you’re telling me I have to wait a whole year to get the rest of this story? That makes me sad. I want to read this thing.

    I know that you usually release your stories for free on your website under a creative commons license. Are you planning to do that for this book? Any chance of the story being on the website before May 2008?


  7. Daniel Nicolas

    Sweet. I’m excited for the YA book to come out. I just reading a blog about Rage Against The Machine reuniting and thought of your reading.

    “You haven’t lived until you’ve yelled “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me,” pumping fists with 60,000 sunburned kids in the desert.”

  8. Cory Doctorow

    Yup, this will be a CC release, but no, not before May 2008!

  9. Corey Redekop

    Nicely done. I’ve been playing with audicity myself lately, and not getting any work done as a result.

    Just finished Someone Comes to Towm, and loved it.

  10. jeffx

    After hearing this I can’t wait for this book. I am not even a young adult.

    Great job on the podcast. It was quite entertaining. Except, I had to rush to my local burrito stand for dinner.

  11. Craig Audette

    I cannot wait to hear the rest of this story. Been a long time fan of your writing as well as the podcast. I started listening when I heard Craphound on Escape Pod, and I have to say it was the best thing that happened to me.

    You’re an inspiration.

  12. Paul Fischer

    Just rounded the corner at work, with Lil Bro blasting out of my clip-ons. Early in the show.

    Then Cory ramps up the dB on “Don’t trust anyone over 25″ right as I’m passing the 55+ crowd that runs my project.

    I think I win the award for most weird looks today.

    Time to go rack some more routers in the back… And put my ears back on.


  13. dougo

    Love your work Cory. Amazing that I listened to Little Brother and the next day, a peaceful protest in MacArthur Park is dispersed by a heavy handed LAPD. Seeing footage on http://gamejew.com/?q=node/67 was like reliving your story. Cory invents time travel?

  14. Vincent

    This has got to be the best podcast I’ve heard on this site. I always enjoy your stuff, Cory, but the sound effects and backgrounds you added with Audacity added that extra depth. Great excerpt, and I hope you do more like this one. Can’t wait for May!

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