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Makers: the Japanese fan-trans

Haruka Tsubota has undertaken a Japanese fan-translation of my novel Makers. It's available as Epub and Mobi, and licensed CC-BY-NC-SA.

Makers remixed in C#

Supreet Kaur made this delightful C# remix of a pivotal scene in Makers, as part of the coursework for a Game Design degree in London. The remix scored an A+ -- congrats, Supreet!

Makers, the Master’s thesis

Noah Brewer just successfully defended his MA English thesis Re-Makers: The Novel in Digital Collaborative Space at the University of Georgia. As the title implies, the piece is about my novel Makers. It's a smart piece of work, and I'm both tickled and honored.

Makers fan-video

Chris Davis made a smart 1 minute video inspired by Makers, which provides visual accompaniment to Landon Kettlewell's opening speech in the novel.

Proper noun frequency in MAKERS

Jeff Clark sez, "I've created a graphic from the text of 'Makers' that shows the distribution of the various proper nouns in your work. It seems to do a pretty good job of communicating the ebb and flow of the various characters throughout the book."

This works amazingly well -- I've never seen an automated text analysis that was so revealing of the emotional and plot elements of a book!

StreamGraph for Makers

Makers printed on a cash-register receipt

Ben O’Steen got his maker on by printing out the entire text of Makers on a cash-register receipt, using a till printer. Awesome.

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