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Cory Doctorow is the author of several novels, two short story collections, and a forthcoming book of essays. He is the co-editor of the popular blog Boing Boing, and the former European Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil liberties group that works to keep cyberspace free.

Little Brother is his first novel for young adults, and he hopes it'll inspire you to use technology to make yourself more free.

Doctorow, 36, lives in London, England with his wife and newborn daughter.

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  1. Todd Morgan says:

    Hi Cory,

    I'm a high school English teacher in San Francisco. I'm finishing my Master's in Teaching Reading this summer (USF, Go Dons!) by team teaching a reading course for struggling readers with several colleagues. After seeing Neil Gaiman's recommendation of Little Brother we decided we had to use it for the course, especially since it's set in SF.

    Right now we are three chapters in and the kids are starting to get excited about it. Tomorrow I'm bringing interrogation scenes in from Harold & Kumar 2, The Matrix and Rendition to help them visualize the first interrogation scene. The lesson will center on where the line is crossed from interrogation to abuse of power.

    In short, this is exciting material to be teaching considering how important and accessible it is to young, reluctant readers. Thanks so much for writing it and being so open about its use. If possible I will send periodic updates on our class's progress.

    I so wish you lived in SF! This group of kids is incredibly intelligent but they all lack confidence as readers (and as students in general). In a way it's almost as if they feel they're not allowed to be good students, so their connection to all things academic, including literature, is tenuous at best. I'd love for them to have a chance to read a book and connect with the author the way adult readers are able to through readings and signings. That world is completely foreign to our students, all of whom wonder if they're going to have food for breakfast every day, much less whether or not they'll be able to meet an author of a book they're reading.

    Anyway, I want to again express my thanks for this novel. Maybe with some persuasion I'll be able to teach it in SFUSD someday.

    Todd Morgan

  2. Jared says:

    legend. everyone needs to know how good they are sometimes : )

  3. lnlyROBOT says:

    this short descriptions says nothing about he is a freakin' genius and an inspiration to computer geeks everywhere! i demand justice.

  4. Jess Ridout says:

    "Little Brother" made me cry on the N Judah muni train this morning. It's one of the best books I've read this year. Thank you.

    -Jess Ridout

  5. [...] Cory Doctorow é editor en Boing Boing e deste blog. Tamén é ciberactivista e o autor de varios libros, entre eles este titulado "Little Brother" que se pode traducir baixo licenza Creative Commons-Recoñecemento-Non Comercial-Compartir baixo a mesma licenza-3.0. Grazas a esta licenza e maila facilidade de dispor do texto podes traducilo e até creares unha nova obra empregando mesturas con outras historias. [...]

  6. Tolu says:

    Hey. I'm tolu, 14 years old. When I read this book, honestly? I loved it. It sorta reminded me of myself in a way. Somewhat. Maybe a little less pr0. :D But this book is amazing, you're an amazing author, and this book is the highlight of my year.

  7. D. Campbell says:

    Excellent book Cory! It was great reading. ;)

  8. Fluffy Bin-Laden says:

    Oh my gosh, I just checked out Little Brother because I had nothing to read. But do you know how much truth there is to what you wrote? I don't just mean about the history or the technology, but I mean our current political state! Our country is, if the "War On Terror" continues, on the verge of marshall law and the type of political situation you wrote about in your book. I'm 12 years old and I may sound crazy but there is a whole world out there that most people have never thought about. I believe that your book touched on some key issues and maybe if you'd like to contact me at josiahjackson@gmail.com I could contact you. Thank you for your time!

  9. I haven't enjoyed a book so much in ages. I hope the message gets out because us Brits need to think harder about how our freedoms are being curtailed in the name of the "War on Terrorism".

    I loved the characters. It's one of those books that I could hardly bear to read in case it turned out that the wrong side won and yet I had to keep reading to find out what happened. You've also managed an extremely satisfying ending which is where a lot of books fail, in my view.

    It's a great book.

  10. Sam Ruff says:

    One of the best books ever I wish it could be made into a movie that would be so sweet :)!!!!!!!! I have read it 6 times now I read alot but this is diffentlythe best

  11. Antonio says:

    Hey i read this book because i was completely bored, but wholy cow it was awesome. im 13 and i love this kindof thing. Where in the world did you find alot of the tecnology info? I really would love to know! Contact me at antonio4him@gmail.com if you could. Thanks!

  12. Drake says:


    I have not as yet gotten read any of your book... I am a struggling want to be artist/author and I was wondering if you could send me more info on how to set up the creative commons licence... my genera is more speculative fiction with a slant toward horror than true sci-fi but I feel that I want to see if I can, with my story, set up a world for others to play in as other authors such as H. P. Lovecraft have set up and others who have been inspired have publish in the same world so long as the basic mechanics of the world are kept intact.

    Thanks in advance for all your help.


  13. Cory Doctorow says:

    Lots of instructions at http://creativecommons.org

  14. sputnik says:

    i read the book and was bewildered as to how it was so well directed to people my age group i loved the book and i am wondering if you plan to make a series out of it?????

  15. WoWpixi182 says:

    Man Cory, this book was hella great. I cannot explain how much I truly enjoyed this book. It was utterly amazing. I never thought about how the government watches us.
    This story was just plain fun and exciting.
    I'm 15 and have read it about 3 times and just purchased Makers.
    Thank you and keep it up!

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  17. - says:

    Dear Cory,
    I want to than you for this awesome,fantasic book you were able to write.It was amazing.I wanted to send you an email but I did not find any contact information on the web so I decided to post it here.The whole book impressed me.I want you t write a sequel.I REALLY REALLY WANT A SEQUEL.Please answer me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks in advance,

  18. Ann says:

    Hey Cory!

    I´m from Germany, I´m 15 and when I read your book "LITTLE BROTHER" I was really fascinated. I love this book because you were not afraid to show how it could be- like living in a country where the goverment watches someone´s every step. We´re not far away from this politics.
    I think it´s such a important thing to explain people that privacy is essential in our days.

    Thank you for this book!

  19. Chain says:

    Ok, So I downloaded this on my hacked ;) Android phone with Laptua Pro... Honestly I was surprised to find it a fantastic read, so much so I have ordered a copy and some of your other books (so the bit at the start about free books seems to have worked with me at least).

    Like a couple of others it grabbed me HARD and dragged me in to think about how far we are from this sort of state of terror and control.

    So anyway I would just like to thank you for this fantastic book. I'm now off to recommend it to everyone that will listen (and some that won't).


  20. Spazz says:

    A lot of published stories come off with a certain air of pompousness. Little Brother... the question was not so much the story started as much as where the immersion began.

    You mention ARGs early on. You have the makings for one right here. I could only imagine getting involved in something as amazing as this; the fact that the story itself almost feels like an ARG is stunning.

    Accidental leadership is something that I've stumbled into recently. It's just as wonderful and terrifying as you portray it to be. I read the entire thing within a span of 5 hours. This book will be referenced in MY ARG.

    And most of all...thank you for writing this. Thank you for pointing out our follies in justice. Thank you, most of all, for making my day.

    Happy Trails, good sir. You deserve it.

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  22. [...] A raiz de la Asamblea General de la internacional de Partidos Piratas celebrada en Praga donde Cory Doctorow realizó una estupenda charla, me propuse leer su novela Little Brother, de la que tan buenas [...]

  23. xyz says:

    Thanks for Little Brother. I happened to be "in the field" of computer technologies. Although I'm N (N > 3) times as old as your young hero, I enjoy the book enormously. I found the book both inspiring and quite accurate (except for a few terminologies). I'm recommending the book to young people around me so that they see what and how much they can do with the amazing technologies. Thanks again!

  24. Evan says:

    I'm like a prolific reader (1+ books a day) and I just want to say this is the best book I've read for several months. Is there a sequel?

  25. Cory Doctorow says:

    Indeed there is -- Homeland will be published in 2013.

  26. Cam says:

    Thanks, Cory. This book has been on my laptop-tablet for a few years, a read that I always ment to get to, but as you described, laptops are not condusive to reading long-form reading. Eventually my laptop died after a year of resurecting it every few months by resetting the GPU, so I recovered the HDD and rediscovered "Little Brother." I uploaded LB to my Galaxy Note and it was the first book that I read with an E-Reader. It was great and reading it on my phone added another layer of immersion. You were right - I'm buying this book in hardcopy and telling all my friends about it, bc you gave me the story for free! This story is even more contemporary now than when it was written - amazing for you, sad for us. Thanks again =)

  27. Tom Wilson says:

    At 78 I'm not exactly a young adult, Cory - but I think anyone of any age would enjoy Little Brother if they are interested in democracy and the way it can be subverted, usually, at least in Western democracies, by the right wing loonies. Welcome to England - I hope your daughter will grow up in an enlightened age but, somehow, I doubt it - sadly.

    Keep 'em coming - I'm now off to buy Homeland. :-)

  28. Cory Doctorow says:

    Thank you, Tom! I think you're right -- YA doesn't mean "kids only," but rather, "Enjoyable by kids as well."

  29. Stoked1 says:

    Thanks for sharing this amazing book. I'd love to be able to share it with my older kids, but the smut content discourages this. I'm not so worried about the suggestion that both evolution and global warming are established facts - my kids know how to make the appropriate "wrong" buzzer noises when they hit that sort of thing.

    A great preparation manual for the last days we are on the verge of, I'd be widely recommending and sharing it if you ever did a de-smutted version.

    Thanks again.

  30. Dejan says:

    I used to read Boing Boing a lot before. It's still a nice blog but I don't find it that much amusing as before, I guess we all change tastes with time. That doesn't mean BB dropped in quality though. Mr. Doctorow is doing a great job, keep it up.

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