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Jeannie Harrell, a student at Emerson College, was assigned to create a book jacket and interior for a course on book design. Because my novel Little Brother is available under a Creative Commons license, she was able to grab the text and do a new interior, as well as designing and publishing her own (outstanding!) cover. I really like what she came up with. Even if CC didn’t sell more books for me (which it seems to be doing!), I’d still use the licenses, because this kind of thing really, really makes me happy.

Little Brother

2 Responses to “Student cover for Little Brother”

  1. Gstar

    Wow…Read the Neil Gaiman recommendation…I am 13, and just checked this book out of my school library. Not sure why they were carrying it, but it is one awesome book.

  2. Forrest

    Dido. Can’t believe how much it changed my life.

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