Down and Out wins Locus Award

This is so freaking cool: my novel Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom has won the Locus Award for Best First Novel of 2003. The Locus Award is based on a popular poll of readers of the trade mag, a larger group than even the Hugo voters, making it the largest beauty contest in the field. I couldn't be any happier: thanks everyone! Hope to see you at the World Science Fiction Convention in Boston, where the award will be presented.

Tocando Fondo en el Magic Kingdom

There's a collaborative project underway to translate this novel into Spanish. The core volunteers have put their efforts to date on a Wiki so that others can play along.

(¡Gracis, Francisco!)

Ottawa Citizen on my books

On May 30, the Ottawa Citizen ran a great profile on me and my books, with a sidebar on other authors who ppost their work online. The Citizen has a weird policy where they only let subscribers see their online archives, but Brent Kirwan, a generous reader, has sent me a high-resolution photo of the newspaper spread where you can read it yourself.

Another chance to have a signed copy shipped to your door

Back when I lived in San Francisco, the nice people at Borderlands Books did this super-cool thing where they'd take orders for my books, along with details for personal inscriptions, then get me to sign them when I dropped round the store, and ship them for free within the US (and for a modest fee elsewhere).

Of course, that became a lot less practical last winter, when I moved to London. But you've got another chance to get a signed, inscribed book shipped right to your door: I'm swinging briefly through SF in June (and I do mean *briefly* -- sorry, no time to socialize) and I'm gonna stop by Borderlands and sign any stock that they have. If you get your order in before June 15, I'll sign your copy that week and you'll have it before July 1 -- pretty cool!

Borderlands' contact info is

866 Valencia St.
San Francisco CA 94110 USA
415 824-8203
888 893-4008

Call or email them with your order and payment details and they'll get you sorted out.

Aurora nominating ballot online

The 2004 Aurora Award nomination form is up online -- this is the award given to the best science fiction works by Canadians or people living in Canada. Canadians and people living in Canada are eligible to nominate.

For the record, my eligible works for this ballot are:

Best Novel: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, Tor, January 2003

Best Short-Form Work: Nimby and the Dimension Hoppers, Asimov's, June 2003

Flowers From Alice, New Faces in Science Fiction (Mike Resnick, ed.), December, 2003

Printed Meat and Nattering Packages, Business 2.0, May 2003

Road Calls Me Dear, The Mammoth Book of Road Stories, January 2003

Nominations are due July 17th (my birthday!).

Distributed audiobook project for Down and Out

Jill Smith has begun a distributed audiobook project for my novel Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, whose new, liberal Creative Commons license allows for exactly this kind of mishegas (see the distributed audiobook project for Lessig's Free Culture for an example of how well this can work). She's recorded a reading of the prologue and posted it to the Internet Archive's public submission area, where open-licensed material is hosted for free.

I'm immensely gratified by this -- audiobooks are my favorite nontextual medium for storytelling and I can't fall asleep at night without one. I would love for others to take Jill's lead and finish it out.

(Thanks Jill!)

Down and Out on the Preliminary Nebula Ballot

I've just gotten word that Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom has qualified for the Preliminary Ballot for the 2004 Nebula Awards. That's still a ways off -- the book still has to make the final ballot in spring 2005, and then the award will be announced in April 2005. But this is a hell of a mitzvah, I gotta say.

Three hilarious remixes

Yoz Grahame has remixed Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom with a bunch of really whacky and wildly imaginative perl scripts:

* Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom (CAPIPA Remix) - in which the original has its words reordered alphabetically, using PIPA's new cousin, CAPIPA, which retains capitalisation.

"Beautiful," BEAUTY beauty, became. BECAME because because because because because because -- because because because because because because because because because because because because because because become become become become become become become bed bed bed. bed bed bed bed bed bed bed bed bed bed bed, bed bed bedroom bedroom bedroom-bedroom beds bedside bedside bedside.

* Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom (Sausages & Mash Remix) - in which the original has all words beginning with the letters S and M replaced with "Sausage" and "Mash" respectively, in accordance with the classic children's game.

He chuckled. "No sausage, not mash. I'm into the kind of mash sausage that you only come across on-world."

* Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom (More And Bloodier Wars Remix) - in which the original is run through Babelfish several times, from English to French to German and back to English again.

I never thought that I would live, in order to arise, where the maintenance would decide A-Movin ' Dan at the person in possession of a favour light up to the death of the heat of the universe.

Chapters “Geek Read” pick

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is a Chapters/Indigo Geek Read pick -- along with such classics as Crytonomicon, Neuromancer, and Microserfs. Good company to be in! (Thanks, Mark!)

Russian translation underway

Ivan Appel, a Russian fan of mine, has begun translating Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom into Russian, posting a chapter at a time as he goes. Sweet!

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