Bulgarian Creative Commons fan-trans of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

A group of Bulgarian fans have produced a free/open translation of my first novel Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. It was edited by Milena Ivanova, cover art by Biliana Savova, and features an introduction by Vladimir Poleganov. I'm immensely honored and delighted. Thanks to all the volunteers who made this edition.

Ден за ден в Магическото царство

4 Responses to “Bulgarian Creative Commons fan-trans of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom”

  1. Dimitar says:

    Mr. Doctorow, you should think about a love story. As I can see in the bulgarian translation, the best parts are related to emotions, feelings and love :)

  2. Jimmy Rogers says:

    The link to the translation appears to be broken? Or a dead website? Was going to give this to a Bulgarian friend, but now I can't :(

    Love the book!

  3. Cory Doctorow says:

    Sorry, Jimmy! It's out of my control, but I appreciate the support.

  4. [...] publicaciones posteriores. Esto desencadenó que los fans del libro se encargaran de traducirlo a varios idiomas y grabaran varios audiolibros del mismo. Fue nominado al premio Nébula por Mejor Novela en el [...]

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