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FolioSF has just published the French edition of my first novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, translated by Gilles Goullet under the title “Dans la dèche au Royaume Enchanté.” It’s available in fine stores throughout the French-speaking world, and, of course, on Amazon.fr.


3 Responses to “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom in French”

  1. Pititjo

    This is a very good story. I like it very much. Thank you.

    In this book you speak very well about in-line life and the concept of whuffie is very interesting.

    I wrote a little thing about “Dans la dèche au Royaume Enchanté” on my blog.

    One of my favorite book this year.

    (Sory for my (very ?) bad english)

  2. jlndrr

    I read the english, original, version, but I’d love to point my friends to a french non-dead-tree version. Is there any french ebook version?

  3. shabir

    hi there… i want to know if this book is available online for free ??

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