Anda’s Game, Part 03

Here's the conclusion of Wonderland's Alice Taylor reading my story Anda's Game.

Part Three MP3

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  1. Boing Boing says:

    Cory's Anda's Game podcast concludes

    I've just posted the third and final part of the podcast of Alice Taylor of the Wonderland games blog reading my story Anda's Game. Anda's Game is a story about in-game sweatshops, child labor, obesity, exploitation and community online. It was origina...

  2. marc sirkin says:

    terrific story and terrific voice reading it!

    thanks Cory!

    what game did you have in mind when you wrote this - everquest - something else - a combination of things?

  3. Really just "generic extruded fantasy product" -- a standard medievel setting, with bits of WoW and EQ.

  4. A great ending to a very cool story. I missed it when it originally came out, but I'm so glad you thought to podcast it. Alice Taylor did a wonderful job reading this.

    Looking forward to whatever comes next.

  5. wilco says:

    Very good story. And I was stunned by the reading, she has lots of talent!

  6. Gary Pooler says:

    I never used to listen to audio books until I read Neil Gaiman writing in his journal how much he enjoys listening to them. I remember enjoying my mother reading to me and my brothers when I was a boy, so I gave it a try. I have listened to many an audio book since then and enjoy it immensely.

    Alice was the perfect voice for Anda's Game. It was wondeful even without editing. I haven't read it and I probably won't since I've listened to Alice's rendition. I'm pretty sure that the voice in my head wouldn't measure up. I din't know who Alice Taylor was before listening to this podcast but I won't soon forget her.

    Thank you Alice and Cory! It was a pleasure!

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