Little Brother option sold to Don Murphy (Natural Born Killers, From Hell, etc)

I've been waiting to announce this for months now, while the paperwork went back and forth and now I finally can! Don Murphy, producer of such films as Natural Born Killers and From Hell, has bought a film option on Little Brother. I've talked it over with Don and feel confident that if he makes the movie that he'll do it justice -- I'm guaranteed a spot as a consultant to ensure that it all comes out right, too!

For the uninitiated, a film option gives a producer the exclusive right to try to sell the film to a studio, signing up actors, a director and writer, and so on. For every film produced, many are optioned. But all that said, every film that gets made starts out as an option deal. Bottom line: a Little Brother movie isn't a lock, but it's a lot more likely than it was yesterday.

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  1. Christo says:

    I will have to get around to reading the book before the film gets made. It's there, on my iPhone. Waiting to be read. Now all I need is time.

  2. zoran says:

    Congrats, Cory!

  3. Jono says:

    Awesome! Very well deserved - the book is so very good. :0)

  4. cameron says:

    Have any of your other stories been optioned?

    I would love to see an adaptation of Eastern Standard Tribe and Down and Out

  5. Alex says:

    That's great! I've been hoping it'd get picked up and made into a film! And it's awesome that you're a consultant too - hopefully it won't deviate too far away from the book!

    Congratulations, dude! :)

  6. Zen Stealth says:

    OMG If Little Brother became a movie, I would buy tickets to watch it 3 times in a row, and buy 5 copies of the DVD (or Bluray, or even DRM-free Digital Download) just because Little Brother is so awesome.
    The book inspired me (a High School student with a paranoid side) and it introduced me to Linux, PGP, and every other amazing stuff in the book.

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  9. cellulord says:

    Well done.

    Hopefully, unlike both of the films you credit him with, the finished movie will share more than just a title with your original written word.

    : )

  10. Cait says:

    ...and I thought the play was cool.

    That's fantastic news, Cory. Well done.

    Accompanying that somewhat sombre congratulations are a large amount of "Weeeee!!!! That's completely insanely brilliant!!! WOW!" type noises, obviously.

  11. Christopher Kastensmidt says:

    Wow! Looks like you're really starting to reap the fruits of many years of hard work. Very much deserved and big congratulations. I'll be rooting for this movie to get made.

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  13. Rodolfo says:


    Personally i would love to see your works as films, i would prefer in an animated medium (especially "someone comes to town, someone leaves town") But in the case of Little Brother real actors could suit better due to the realistic and worrying theme it exposes.

    Please continue to enrich the world with your works.

  14. John Markos O'Neill says:

    Congratulations. I hope the movie gets made, because it would be fun to see Little Brother on screen!

    Little Brother was my favorite book of 2008, and I think it would make a good movie, too.

  15. I hope that if a film gets made it gets distributed witout DRM. I realise, however, that you have basically no say in that. Unfortunate.

  16. 5T1N9R4Y says:

    Whould the movie be licenced the same way? Just wondering.

    Congrats! Well deserved. Hopefully it'll happen. I'm crossing my fingers.

  17. As I said elsewhere, this is outstanding, Cory. I don't generally keep copies of movies I've seen, but I'd probably keep this one (well, fingers crossed that it doesn't end up being poopy. But with you consulting, the chances of that go way down!)

  18. Al Billings says:

    I'm sure the financial end doesn't hurt either. Getting optioned for his first novel is what allowed Richard Morgan to start writing full-time.

  19. As I've said elsewhere, well done and congrats! I don't keep copies of movies, generally, but I'd keep this one on my shelf (well, assuming it doesn't end up being poopy. But, with you consulting, the chances of that are greatly diminished!)

  20. Lee Herman says:

    Congratulations! Look forward to the film materializing - just wonderful news!

  21. Congratulations, Cory! I would love to see it on the big screen. Or little screen. Any size will do, really.

  22. Dominic Temple says:

    Congratulations Cory, Little Brother would work very well as a movie.

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  25. Runa says:

    This is great news, congratulations!

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  27. Church says:

    Congrats, Cory. I have a hunch this one will make it all the way.

  28. joshp says:


  29. joshp says:

    double woot!

  30. Dara Adib says:

    This is fantastic news and I really hope the film is made. I don't buy too many DVDs (yum, libraries), but this is one I definitely would keep to accompany the book on my shelf.

    I'm not really a fan of sci-fi, but I can't avoid the realism of your books. When I read, I can't stop seeing myself in the shoes of your characters. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!

    @Zen Stealth
    Awesome to see other teenagers reading the book. I could relate to the book and its characters in such a personal way like never before. I'm attached to Little Brother.

  31. Dara Adib says:

    On the technical end, I hope there will be a way to watch the movie's DVD on my computer without breaking the law (nasty law that DMCA is for us freedom-lovers). I shouldn't be jumping so fast, but hey, might as well ask.

  32. Moosehp says:

    Wow, that's pretty awesome, congraulations!

    I really hope Little Brother hits the big screen-

  33. shrink says:

    You bet! I will SO go and watch and buy the DVD and Blue ray and everything.
    I am reading Little Brother *right now* and can't concentrate in anything else (I take it to the bathroom at work and these guys are finding it strange that I spend so long in the loo).
    Thank you so much for your work, it opened a new world to me.
    :) Congrats

  34. 3XUN1L says:

    YEAH!! I have read your book 4 times now and love it moar every time! A movie will be a SW33t new addition and i cannot wait to see it. routing through a proxy now, stay private!

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  36. dude, I FREAKING LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!! i have read little brother more than 7 times, CANT WAIT FOR A MOVIE!!

  37. Cattani! says:

    this being a movie is jus gonna be phenomenal... great book! really hope ur book gets justice as a film cory... it deserves it. id make it if i wus older and had that kind of a career. thats what im shootin for...

  38. Hitch says:

    I'm sure the financial end doesn't hurt either. Getting optioned for his first novel is what allowed Richard Morgan to start writing full-time.

  39. Lucas says:

    Congrats! I love the book and I know that it'll be a great movie. This may come off pervy, but please include everything having to do with Ange. I've fallen in love with that character and I wish I could meet someone like her. PLEASE make sure she's in the movie, including the more adult part of the book that includes her. ;)

  40. Me says:

    Best book ever!!! Hope it becomes a movie!!! Congratulations Cory!!!

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