Little Brother

Little Brother is my first young adult novel, a story about hacker kids in San Francisco who use technology to reclaim democracy from the Department of Homeland Security after a terrorist attack and the concomitant crackdown. It was published by Tor Books on April 29, 2008.

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  1. Angelina says:

    I first found Little Brother maybe 3/4 years ago, when I was just hitting my reading high of 4/5 novels per day, and for some reason it's stuck with me today. I've just finished reading it again and am in the process of reading Homeland; I've got to say this is still one of the most stunning reads I've come across in a long time (and it's also making me paranoid as hell with my tech, I've got to say). I wouldn't go as far as to say it's a sort of manifesto, but for a non-techie geek who reads up on post 9/11 policies (and is terrified by the recent NSA leaks :( ) this book is the singular biggest reason why I want to join the techie / coding / security aware / information driven community. (Now does that description scream n00b or what?) But, Mr. Doctorow, you'er absolutely right, we've all lost touch with our tech and now it's screwing with us in ways we're not equipped to deal with. Well time to deal with it I guess.

    Just another thing though - to the world wide web in general, where can I start? Any infamous recruiting / information storage chatroom I should know about? Any general tips? I feel a little out of my depth here :P But if the internet is willing to give me a chance I'll take it :)

  2. Katja says:

    Angelina, I know exactly how you feel! Just finished Homeland, and now I wanna learn coding and try installing Paranoid Android on my old phone. Will see how that goes... I I was AMerican I would definitely call my representative or something. Since I'm not I guess I'll jus have to hope all my data isn't in the NSA servers courtesy of Google and Facebook and try to think up ways of preventing them from getting too much more. I'm a "non US citizen" after all. Damn them for making me scared and powerless and surveilled by people sitting in offices halfway around the world!

  3. Val says:

    Wow, I just downloaded this last night, and just finished it tonight. I'd say it's pretty heavy for a "young adult" novel, but I was reading "adult" Heinlein and such when I was still in elementary school (with my parents wholehearted approval), so maybe I'm just getting (well over 25) old. Quite an amazing book, I think you may have become one of my new favorite authors. I certainly appreciate your strategy of giving a book away, I've just purchased "Homeland" from Amazon, and I would love it if more authors/publishers would simply view this sort of thing as a loss leader to get public aware of and interested in their work.

    Thanks very much for a very entertaining (and at times infuriating) read.

  4. Cory Doctorow says:

    Thanks, Val! I really appreciate it -- especially your support for Homeland.

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