Other Peoples’ Money

Forbes Magazine

Podcast (Escape Pod, November 2007)

3 Responses to “Other Peoples’ Money”

  1. Randolph Carter says:

    Cory Doctorow has the incredible ability to take a subject you'd think would be really boring--like yard sale hunting or venture capital--and by adding just a few minor science fiction elements, make that subject really amazingly boring.

    What on Earth would make anyone think I want to read a one-sided conversation on the more outre aspects of VC? Especially one written from such a naive point of view--by someone who obviously has no clue how VC works, but knows all the buzzwords. The only high point in the story was the concept of the Chinese brute-forcing the solution space of all possible plastic stuff Americans would want to buy. It's an amusing idea, but five seconds of thought and a little knowledge of combinatorics shows it's completely ludicrous and unworkable.

    Bad story! Bad! Bad!

  2. J. Devitt says:

    I really really liked this story. I picked it up through the Escape Pod feed and this was my introduction to the wonderful mind of Cory Doctorow.

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